The Lawnmower

A lawnmower is a heavy investment for a gardener.  Many criteria have to be considered before making the right chioice : the surface to mow, the width of the cut, the type of motor, the type of traction.  Lets have a look at these.

Gardens  up to 100m²

Hand pushed mowers or those with helical blades are ideal for small surfaces.  They should be used regularly, at least once a week during the good weather, because if  the grass is a bit long, a hand pushed mower will not do a good job.

These mowers shouldn’t be used in rainy weather, as you may rip up pieces of the lawn.  Despite certain inconveniences, they have the advantage of not causing pollution, they are very economical, and they don’t require much maintenance, as the blade sharpens itself.

For small gardens, an electrical grass-cutter can also be used.  It doesn’t give a regular cut but it can reach all nooks and crannies and can cut irregular edges.

Gardens up to 200m²

For gardens between 100m² and 200m², electrical mowers are suitable.  They aren’t very expensive and don’t demand much maintenance.  Be careful not to cut the electrical wire when mowing.  They may not be suitable for ground which is spread about or where there are trees or isolated embankments – the wire may get caught up here and there.

Gardens between 200m² and 500m²

For this area you should opt for a 4-stroke motorized lawnmower – 2-stroke mowers (with a mixture of oil and petrol) are hard to find nowadays, as they are too noisy for yourself and especially for your neighbours !

The width of the cut should correspond with the surface of the lawn and with the frequency with which you cut the lawn, but it is usually between 40 and 50cms..Depending on your ability, choose one to push or to pull.  One which is pulled is better for large surfaces or for sloping ground.

Gardens of over 500m²

Chooose a lawnmower which is pulled, with or without a container to gather the grass.  Or better still, choose one which you can drive yourself – this will be like a toy, as you have the impression that you’re driving a go-kart !

If you mow regularly, don’t use a container, as the cut grass will be short and will act as a fertilizer.  If the grass is long, the clippings can be used as mulch for your embankments.  You can also opt for a mulching mower which chops the clippings up finely and leaves them on the lawn as fertilizer.

Where can you buy a lawnmower ?

Lawnmowers for small surfaces can be bought in supermarkets and garden centres.  For bigger mowers, pulled or with a mulching system, you should go to a professional ( an authorized dealer) who can advise you and also look after the maintenance of the machine.

Frequency of mowing

Mowing is usually done between March and October, but if the weather is clement you can mow until December.  To mow as little as possible, you should choose the right mixture of seeds, avoid watering too often and regulate the height of the blades.  Grass grows quicker in the shade than in the sun.  If your lawn is used for playing on, you can leave the grass grow long.

To promote biodiversity, let your parcels of land develop – you will be astonished to see new plants growing and numerous insects gather pollen from your flowers.


The blade should be sharpened regularly without losing its balance – this causes the grass to be irregularly cut and will damage the engine.  If you can’t do it youself, bring it to a professional.

Have it serviced by a professional once a year in winter (engine, sump, alternator, plugs, etc.).

Brand names

Makita-Dolmar, Wolf Tools

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