Placing your greenhouse

So you’ve decided at last ! That greenhouse that you’ve wished for so long,  so that you could pamper your plants and prepare your spring sowing, is finally to be installed in the garden.  But be careful, it is essential to install it in the right place, so certain parameters must be considered if you wish to optimize its use and keep it in good condition for as long as possible.

Choosing the right place

Choose a sheltered place in the garden with plenty of exposure to the winter sun.  Avoid places where the cold accumulates in winter,  and humid places which will damage greenhouses with wooden structures.  A humid place also encourages the growth of mosses and other similar nuisances – these require constant treatment to remove them.

Place the side of the greenhouse, usually the longest side, facing south.  It will thus have the best exposition to the sun, which is important in winter, when the days are short.

Avoid windy places

The wind is another factor not to be neglected when installing the greenhouse.  In some regions strong winds can break the windows and even remove the openings.  To avoid this, install the greenhouse perpendicular to the dominant winds, placing the door at the opposite end to these winds.  Wind-breakers can be installed for further security.  Otherwise you can place the greenhouse behind a bamboo hedge or behind some shrubs.

These wind-breakers should be placed at a distance four times the length of the height of the grereenhouse,  providing you have the space.  Artificial wind-breakers may also be installed -these can be placed immediately .  Plastic models, of varying thicknesses, are available.  They are an interesting option as they are simple and quick to install and are good value for money. Remember that a greenhouse exposed to wind loses a lot of heat in winter, which means that you have to heat it more, and this costs money !

Don’t place it near trees

The greenhouse should be placed in a clearing far from trees, as these willl create too much shadow.  If these trees are deciduous, or worse, resinous, this will create a lot of work for you – the windows will need to be cleaned very often.  What a pity – your time would be better spent looking after your plants than cleaning the windows of your greenhouse !

The wind may also cause branches to fall which will break the windows, and the roots of the trees may cause problems by lifting the structure of the greenhouse.  This is why you shouldn’t place it near trees.

So follow the above advice and your greenhouse will be placed in good conditiions and will give you long hours of pleasure for a long time.

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