Parasites of Indoor Plants

Red spiders

These are small red spiders which invade plants, often beneath the leaves.  They weave fine webs between the stems of the plant and if you look closely you will see that thousands of little red spiders are milling about.  Also, you will notice that the leaves start having yellow stains.

If no action is taken, they can kill the plant.

Natural Method : as they like dry, hot conditions, you can halt their development by regularly pulverizing the underside of the leaves with warm water.  You can also cover the plant with a plastic sheet to increase the level of humidity.

Chemical Method : treat with an organic insecticide.


Mealybugs look like small shells attached to the stems or leaves of the plant.  They are normally located on the veins where they suck out the sap.

Natural Method : you can remove them with a wet cloth or with a little liquid soap, for example.

Chemical Method : treat with an anti-mealybug insecticide.

Whiteflies or aleurodes

These are small white flying insects.  They invade the underside of your plants’ leaves.  The leaves quickly become sticky and a black mould appears.

These insects thrive on verandas.

Natural Method : lower the temperature of your veranda.

Chemical Method : As they resist most insecticides, the best solution is to use plates covered with glue, which can be found in garden centres.


These boys are well-known!  When Spring arrives, they are already at work on the young shoots or on buds about to flower, where they suck out the sap.

Their presence can be seen by the white molting which falls on the lowest leaves of the plant.  They also secrete a musty honeydew on which black-coloured fumagine develops.

Natural Method : if there aren’t too many, you can remove them by hand or by wiping the plant with soapy water.

Chemical Method : use a specified insectide, it is rapidly efficient.

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