Layering consists of multiplying a plant by provoking a rooting of this plant while it is still attached to the trunk.  When the new roots appear, you simply cut the connection to the trunk.

There are different types of layering :

  • The basic way of layering, called ground layering,  involves burying a stem of the plant having removed the leaves from this part beforehand.  You might need to weigh down the the stem with a stone so that it doesn’t come up on its own.  You may also layer the plant directly in a pot or in a window box.
  • Snake-like layering involves burying a long stem in several different places.  This technique can be applied to climbing plants like wisteria and honeysuckle.
  • Air layering or rooting is provoked by installing a coupler on the stem which is then filled with a humid compost mix.  This is made watertight at the two extremities.
  • Deep layering is practiced on heather plants, for example.  It consists of burying the whole trunk  entirely and leaving only the extremities of the shoots exposed.  After about a year, you should remove the old roots and recover the new shoots which have taken root.

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