Gathering your own seeds

What a pleasure it is to gather the seeds from your own garden, or to collect them in a distant land during a voyage, then to sow them and watch them germinate, then to plant them in the garden or in a flowerpot indoors (in the case of an exotic plant)!

Here’s some advice for collecting and preserving seeds:

  • recuperate seeds on a dry day, preferably in the afternoon
  • recuperate them from the best looking plant
  • if the container is airtight, don’t close it at first – allow the seeds to dry completely, otherwise they may rot.  Use a paper envelope as this prevents condensation.
  • make sure that there are no worms or beetles present by verifying that there are no holes in the seeds
  • keep everything in a dry, ventilated place
  • note the name of the plant and the year of collection on the container

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