Create an Urban Garden with Spring Bulbs

Get rid of the last reminders of winter with spring bulbs on your terrace or balcony.  The choice is getting bigger every year, which allows you to plant all sorts of different forms and colours !

Luc Deschamps has become an influential floral decorator who works for famous fashion houses and for the inaugurations of well-known stores.

He plants bulbs in galvanized window boxes, and in old washing machines and watering cans which he picks up in flea markets and secondhand shops.  This gives a great look to an urban garden.  He uses boxes mounted on casters, which allows him to move them around to bring his terrace to life and to highlight them when he wishes.

The diversity of spring flowering bulbs allows us to play around with the flowering periods.  From the Galanthus nivalis which flowers in February to “Weber’s parrot” tulips which flower in July, you can have continuous and varying flowering for months on end.

And bulbs are so easy to look after – just plant them in a  pierced container into which you put a layer of gravel at the bottom and Bob’s your uncle ! You can also plant bulbs indoors, even without soil, a process known as “Chinese-style growing”.

Bulbs can be planted from September to December, even after the night frosts.

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