Bordeaux Mixture

The Bordeaux mixture is a copper-baed universal fungicide.  It is a traditional recipe compsed of copper sulphate (20%) added to lime.  This mixture has a remarkable blue, turquoise colour.  It was originally used to protect vines from mildew.

What is the Bordeaux mixture used for ?

It is effective against the main diseases of fruit trees and vegetable patch plants.

  • leaf curl
  • mildew
  • scab
  • bacteriosis
  • canker
  • stains
  • bacterial diseases

This treatment is used on fruit trees from the month of February as a preventitive measure.  Apply the treatment before the buds flower and avoid doing so on rainy days.  A blue sediment remains on the plants after application – this allows you to see the parts which have been treated.

  1. Treat the peach tree, the apple tree, the apricot tree, and the prune tree in February.
  2. Treat potato and tomato plants, vines and strawberries from May onwards.
  3. Treat the peach, apple, apricot and prune trees in Autumn, after they have shed their leaves.

Don’t treat trees which have fruit with kernels while they are in flower.  Don’t treat vegetables just before eating them.

Bordeaux mixture can be applied from February to November.

The different forms of Bordeaux mixture :

It can be found in powder form, in micro-pellet form or in spray form.

What precautions should be taken when using Bordeaux mixture ?

Be careful..Bordeaux mixture is poisonous for animals and fish.  Use the prescribed doses and avoid spraying fragile plants.

Bordeaux mixture is used in organic farming but its use is limited to 6kg. per hectare per year.

Keep your powder out of reach of children!

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